Those Inevitable Deletions

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Wisdom from Maggie Stiefvater at Twitter


Take a look at this script of Jane Eyre  by

Moira Buffini, a native of the U.K., who works as both a screenwriter and a playwright.


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Watch the trailer here.


Also watch for:

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EXCLUSIVE: Matt Sobel, who helmed the Sundance 2015 drama Take Me To The River, has been set by Focus Features to direct The Scorpio Races. Jack Thorne is adapting Maggie Stiefvater’s bestselling YA novel, which was published in 2011 by Scholastic. Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg are producing via their KatzSmith Productions banner. Jay Ireland is executive producing.


Rewrite a Greek Myth

Greek myths have been rewritten many times.


The tale of Hercules and the flesh-eating mares of Diomedes has been told in several versions over the ages.


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A modern tale that includes flesh-eating horses is:

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The Scorpio Races is available as an excellent audio version, featuring the voice of Steve West.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 7.42.26 AM Steve West, Narrator


D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths:

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Today’s Assignment:

1. Refresh your memory on Greek myths at this Scholastic game site:

2. Write your own version of a Greek myth.

Thanks to Translators of Novels into Other Languages

The Little Black Classics:

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BBC also has an interesting article:

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The translator’s job is an important one. When we are researching a topic or reading any translated material, we should consider who has done the translation. Personal bias and agendas can be injected into a translation. We should know a bit of the translator before we read.


Contemporary novels are also translated into many foreign languages:

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See more at


Graphic novel editions of classics are a variety of translation, I suppose. But that’s another discussion.

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Assignment: Practice saying “hello” in several languages. Then work on your creative writing.

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Get the hello poster free here from Scholastic UK:

Chunking, Serializing, Baby-steps: Don’t Feel Overwhelmed Before You Begin!

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Starting a writing project is a little like starting a craft project. First you assemble your materials and review the instructions. You have an end result in mind.


(Read on for instructions for this colorful craft project.)


Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed with your writing project before you even begin.

Some writers claim that writing an outline before beginning a longer work is just the ticket.

But what if the idea of an outline seems daunting to you as well?


Edgar Allen Poe, author of the famous poem, “The Raven,” gives us SEVEN writing tips.


1. Know the ending in advance before you begin writing.

2. Keep it short—the “single sitting” rule.

3. Decide on the desired effect.

4. Choose the tone of the work.

5. Determine the theme and characterization of the work.

6. Establish the climax.

7. Determine the setting.


Read the whole article here:


Today is the anniversary of writer Jack London’s birthday in 1876.

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His famous work

THE CALL OF THE WILD was serialized in The Saturday Evening Post,

June 20-July 18, 1903


A contemporary story about wolves is Maggie Stiefvater’s Shiver series. Find it here:

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Consider serializing your writing. Set a specified amount of time to write each day. End at a natural stopping point, such as the end of a chapter.

Don’t forget that putting a hook at the end of each chapter is a great way to keep your readers interested.


Your grammar review for today:

The Oxford comma:

Example: I love song lyrics, short stories, and novels.


More about this quick heart art project can be found here:


Now, enough distractions!

Go write!