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Eric Ravilious

(1903 – 1942) was an English painter, designer, book illustrator and wood engraver. He grew up in East Sussex, and is particularly known for his watercolours of the South Downs. He served as a war artist, and died when the aircraft he was in was lost off Iceland.

Buscot Park.png

Buscot Park, Farringdon, Oxfordshire by Eric Ravilious.png

The Vale of the White Horse by Eric Ravilious.png

The Vale of the White Horse.png

The Wilmington Giant by Eric Ravilious.png

The Wilmington Giant 1939.png

Ravilious painted almost entirely in watercolour. He was especially inspired by the landscape of the South Downs around Beddingham. He frequently returned to Furlongs, the cottage of Peggy Angus. He said that his time there “altered my whole outlook and way of painting, I think because the colour of the landscape was so lovely and the design so beautifully obvious … that I simply had to abandon my tinted drawings”. Some of his works, such as Tea at Furlongs, were painted there.

tea at Furlongs, watercolour 1939.png

Tea at Furlongs, 1939


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