Light and Shadow

The Athenaeum - A Street in Brittany by Stanhope Alexander Forbes.png

The Athenaeum – A Street in Brittany by Stanhope Alexander Forbes

Forbes was born in Dublin, the son of Juliette de Guise Forbes, a French woman, and William Forbes, an English railway manager. . . .

Having completed his studies in France, Forbes returned to London and showed works he made in Brittany at the 1883 Royal Academy and Royal Hibernian Academy shows. . . .

Forbes generally painted genre scenes and landscapes en plein air. . . .

Beyond his plein air painting, he also made interior scenes and was adept at capturing the warm and charming effects of lighting on a room and the people in it.

The Lantern by Stanhope Forbes.png

The Lantern, 1897.


The Health of the Bride by Stanhope Forbes.png

The Health of the Bride, 1889 (Tate Museum)

The painting depicts the artist’s sense of sympathetic humanity. These people in their humble little parlor, are real and living. Intolerant of all shams and false sentiment, the painter has made himself one with the people he depicts; he has understood the humor which lies so close to tears. (more)

Stanhope Forbes.png

Portrait of Forbes by his wife, Elizabeth Adèla Forbes (née Armstrong)