The Root Children

“were asleep all winter long.”

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However, eventually spring WILL arrive:

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The Story of the Root Children

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Originally published in 1906, The Story of the Root Children by Sibylle von Olfers has become a much-loved favorite among . . . teachers and families, which illustrates the seasonal cycles of nature and the rhythm of the year.

Deep underground, the Root Children spend the winter sleeping, under the care of wise and loving Mother Earth.

When spring finally arrives, it is time for the Root Children to awaken. They get busy to work, cleaning their home, sewing their new spring dresses and capes, before going out in the world to paint the beetles and butterflies.

They play in the fields and ponds through the spring and summer, but when autumn comes, it is time to return once more to Mother Earth, who is ready to welcome them back to their underground home. Bella Luna




Mother Earth and Her Children — A Quilted Fairy Tale

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Sieglinde Schoen-Smith

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