Therapeutic Art

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Daniela Drescher was born in 1966 and grew up in the suburbs of Munich with her parents and younger brother. As a child, she enjoyed playing in the hedges around her house, where she could spend whole afternoons, imagining that the hedges were fairy castles and the home of fairies and elves.

Daniela Drescher loved art and painting from a young age. Drawing pencils, and later paintbrushes and watercolours, were her constant companions. Daniela Drescher would draw and paint until her pictures started to “come alive” and tell stories of their own. As an adult, Daniela still draws fairies and elves as she imagined them as a child playing in the hedges.

When she finished school, Daniela Drescher began to study art therapy. She worked with children doing therapeutic painting and drawing for ten years.

During this time Daniela also wrote poetry and she used her poems in her therapeutic work. She began to illustrate some of her poems and this work became her first children’s picture book, In the Land of Fairies, which was published in 2004. (More at Floris Books UK)

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