Grannie’s Stories

In Where the Sea Turned to Silver, author-illustrator Grace Lin’s character Pinmei tells her grandmother’s stories.

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As the novel opens, young Pinmei lives high on Never-Ending Mountain with Amah, [her grandmother], a famed storyteller. Winter has a firm grip on the mountain, and their rice is running low. Suddenly, Amah tells Pinmei to hide and soldiers burst into their home. Pinmei watches in horror as the Tiger Emperor and his soldiers seize her grandmother, taking her captive. . . .

Pinmei’s trusted friend Yishan pulls her to safety, and together they set out on a quest to find the Luminous Stone that Lights the Night, the one treasure that the emperor has said will set Amah free. As they travel, they encounter kind strangers who help them, in exchange for hearing Pinmei tell her grandmother’s stories. (more)

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