Spotlight: Balbusso Twins

Check out the beautiful illustrations by the Balbusso twins: Anna and Elena.

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Italian twin sisters Anna and Elena Balbusso

“The twins work incredibly closely together and it is hard to imagine one without the other. “There’s no competitiveness between us,” points out Anna. “We’re not the same person though,” cautions Elena.

Each has an individual role of sorts. They both come up with the creative angles, but they agree, it is Elena who handles the more business-like jobs – the marketing, answering the emails, the website. Is it better to make art as a pair? “Yes, two is better than one,” they chorus. Anna adds: “It could get boring by yourself, it is better to have someone around.”

“We are very much influenced by Gilbert and George and by how they work together. We saw their work at the Venice Biennale.”