The Golden Years

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Golden Years (also referred to as Stephen King’s Golden Years) is an American television miniseries that aired in seven parts on CBS in 1991. (more)

It is available on two DVDs now.


Plot summary:

“[There is an] explosion in the most secret laboratory of the USA. The old janitor Harlan Williams is incubated by totally unknown chemicals. Now he changes and becomes younger instead of older. The government is interested in finding out everything about this changes and hunts the fugitive Harlan. A hunt across the USA starts.” (imdb)

This movie is flawed in so many ways, but if you like Stephen King’s work—you’ll like it.

It contains shooting violence and is NOT for children, but it’s not horror. It’s more of a thriller.

Here’s more on youtube.

Also, the great theme song is David Bowie‘s “Golden Years.”