“Once upon a time, there will be . . .”

Here is some advice on writing historic fiction from James Alexander Thom:

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Goodreads is a good place to start when looking for examples of historic fiction.

Pride and Prejudice is listed as historical fiction. What a sense of the time we get from that story!

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Today’s assignment:

1. Look at the list of best historical fiction of 2015 Goodreads.

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2. What sort of historical fiction would you write? Look at A & E’s list of influential people for inspiration.

3. Read the Writer’s Digest interview with James Alexander Thom where he says this:

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Find Thom’s latest here.

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Who? Whom? Academy Awards!


Who won the Academy Awards?

I don’t know who won the Academy Awards.

(They will be awarded tomorrow.)

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To whom did you present it?

Whom did you present it to?


For a complete list of nominees go to the Official Oscar site.



Today’s Assignment:

Make a list of your choices.

Decide what you will wear to your own Oscar party.


2015 Oscar fashion:


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The Narrator

8 Tips to Writing Unreliable Narrators


by Deb Caletti.

1. Make your character a liar.


2. Lie by omission, too.


3. Muddy the motivations.


4. Make your protagonist more clever than she seems.


5. Use your secondary characters


6. Add in an unpredictable act.


7. Make your protagonist a bad guy … or don’t.


8. Keep it believable.


Read the whole article here at: Writers Digest.


More about Deb Caletti at her site here.

and Deb on twitter here.

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Today’s Assignment:

1. Read the article.

2. Is your plot too predictable? Is it predictable enough to satisfy the reader?

3. Consider foreshadowing.


Bonus round:

Read about the epic poem’s predictable narrator here.

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