The Beginning of Your Book

K.M. Weiland has written a great book:

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In this book, she explains how to structure your opening.

She begins by saying,

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Some of her useful advice includes,

“Open with conflict . . .”

“Open with movement . . .”

“Establish the setting . . .”

“Orient readers with an ‘establishing’ shot. Anchoring readers can often be done best by taking a cue from the movies . . . [Y]ou can present the setting and the characters’ positions within it in as little as a sentence or two.”

“Set the tone . . . give readers accurate presuppositions about the type of tale they’re going to be reading. Your beginning needs to set the stage for the denouement– without, of course, giving it away.”

This book is available at Amazon here.

Today’s assignment:

1. Write your first chapter.

2. Open with conflict.

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(photo: nhtourism)

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