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“A warning about mnemonics, they should make learning easier not harder . . .

When mnemonics are used correctly, they can streamline the learning process . . .

An advantage of mnemonics is that they can be applied to a multitude of content information . . . So, for whatever you want to teach, there is probably a mnemonic for it.

A mnemonic for appropriate behavior during class lecture is SLANT:

  1. S= Sit up
  2. L= Lean forward
  3. A= Ask Questions
  4. N= Nod your head
  5. T= Track the teacher

Each letter of SLANT is a cue for a specific action that would be appropriate for the student to take in a classroom. Moreover, the word “slant” indicates the position of the body in the classroom, where the student is slanting forward and showing interest in what is going on.”



Today’s Assignment:

1. Create a helpful mnemonic.

2. Consider having your students create a mnemonic poster.

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(example above from pinterest)