Writing Anachronisms

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(from dictionary.com)

In your writing, please be careful to consider when your story takes place. This applies to more than historical fiction. It is also important in contemporary stories. For example, not too many years ago, airline flight attendants were called stewards. If you use the term stewardess instead of flight attendant readers may understand that the story is placed in a slightly earlier time.

If you are writing Steampunk you will purposefully be placing modern or futuristic technology into stories set in earlier times: usually in the Victorian era or in the wild, wild west.

Remember that technology, language, and social customs all change over time.

This site can help you review different time periods.


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Today’s Assignment:

1. Write a one-page story. Include something anachronistic.

2. Have someone else read your short story and see how easily they can spot the anachronism.