Keep It Simple

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Occam’s Razor (also Ockham’s Razor), is a principle attributed to the 14th century logician and Franciscan friar, William of Ockham that forms the basis of methodological reductionism. It is nowadays usually stated as follows:

“Of two competing theories or explanations, all other things being equal, the simpler one is to be preferred.”

This is similar to the K.I.S.S. theory (which means Keep It Simple, Stupid.)

How does this relate to teaching creative writing?

Use the aps and technological tools that students already have at their fingertips.

Collaborate. Teachers can teach students. Students can teach teachers.

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Today’s Assignment:

1. If you are a teacher, collaborate with your student(s).
2. If you are a student, collaborate with your teacher(s).
3. If you are not currently in a classroom situation, collaborate with a colleague.