A Yucky Poem


Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 9.53.52 AMdarbycreek


I stepped in something yucky
As I walked by the crick.
I grabbed a stick to scrape it off,
The yuck stuck to my stick.
I tried to pull it off the stick,
The yuck stuck to my hand.
I tried to wash it off–but it
Stuck to the washin’ pan.
I called my dog to pull me loose,
The yuck stuck to his fur.
He rubbed himself against the cat,
The yuck got stuck to her.
My friends and neighbors came to help–
Now all of us are stuck,
Which goes to show what happens
When one person steps in yuck.

…………….by Shel Silverstein


Today’s Assignment:

1. Go outside.

2. Write a poem.