Living in Podunk

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noun: A small, unimportant town.
Podunk is the name of a river and a native tribe in Connecticut. Over time the name came to be used for several small towns including a mythical small and insignificant town. Earliest documented use: 1657.
Make the names of your fictional places work in your story.
Your fictitious locations can seem real and even refer to some real landmarks, but you will have greater flexibility in your plot if your story is set in a fictitious place.
Remember, your fans will go searching for your locations!
Examples of fictional places in literature:
Hogwarts School
Henrietta, VA
You get the idea!
Today’s Assignment:
1. Contemplate the place names in your novel.
2. Do they help the novel . . . or are they just there?
3. Ask someone to read an excerpt from your work. Have them verbally describe your fictitious location.
4. Does their description match your intention?
Watch this:
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Like a Dream – Francis and the Lights