Foreshadowing vs. Boring Repetition

Foreshadowing is a subtle sign or event alluding to an event which will occur later in your plot.

This foreshadowing could be as simple as a clap of thunder or gathering clouds. It could be a beautiful sunset — implying new hope for tomorrow.

Foreshadowing can be used very effectively to enhance the reader’s experience.

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Repetition is not the same as foreshadowing. Repetition of similar scenarios within one work will confuse the reader. Characters within one work should not have similar personalities, roles, or names. Events should not occur in exactly the same way several times in the same story. Settings should be varied.


Variety in all aspects of your story will increase reader interest and understanding.


Today’s Assignment:

1. Have someone else read your written work.

2. Ask them to look for repetition in characters, events, settings, or word usage.

3. Consider what changes should or could be made to improve your piece.