The Classic Tale: Scheherazade — Co-curricular — Music and Writing Composition

* Scheherazade is a classic tale. Beautiful music has been written by Rimsky-Korsakov to tell this story.

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Watch this beautiful presentation:

*In summary:

“Bedtime stories took on a new meaning for Scheherazade. Her husband, the Sultan, had the nasty habit of marrying a woman at night and killing her in the morning.

So Scheherazade thought up a plan. Every night she would tell him a story, and leave it hanging. 1001 captivating stories later, he decided to keep her.

These Tales of the Arabian Nights inspired Russian composer Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov to compose a symphonic suite called Scheherazade in 1888.”  (


This tale has been retold many times in many ways. One notable version is by Charles Baxter.

“The short story, “Scheherazade” by Charles Baxter, begins inside a hospital room with an old married, couple conversing with each other. The old woman is purposely making up stories about the lives before they told to entertain her husband, who can be hooked up to a respirator. The relationship between the couple has probably been a lot less perfect and glamorous than the stories he wife tells, and the author uses this to show that the truth may not always be the best choice for every relationship.”

If you would like to read more on Charles Baxter’s version, go here:


This modern fiction work might be considered a similar to Scheherazade:

Code Name Verity is a 2012 novel by Elizabeth Wein whose main character is occasionally called Scheherazade. She is a Scottish spy who was captured by the SS in Occupied France, and is writing down her story and war time secrets to spare herself torture.

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Today’s Assignment:

1. Watch the “Creative Kids” story presentation shown in the first link above.

2. Start a notebook or a special file on your computer entitled: “1001 Nights.”

3. Each evening write a short bedtime story. (It can be a complete story or a chapter.}