How Long is an Era? Does Steampunk = Victorian?

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The Victorian Era refers to the reign of Queen Victoria which would be:

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“It was a long period of peace, prosperity, refined sensibilities and national self-confidence for Britain.”

(John Wolffe (1997). Religion in Victorian Britain: Culture and empire. Volume V. Manchester University Press. pp. 129–30.)


Steampunk plots are often set in a time frame which roughly cover the reigns of both Victoria and Edward VII.

The reign of Edward VII was 1901-1910.


Remember that simply setting a story during this time period is not enough to make it Steampunk.

A Steampunk story includes anachronistic technologies. This means that technology from another time can be included.

Females are often given more freedom in a Steampunk story than what would have been commonly found during the Victorian-Edwardian Era.


So what is an Era, really?

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Today’s Assignment: Write a short story. Include technology from today in a Victorian-Edwardian setting.