Poetry Friday: The First Day of Spring and a Contest

* What is the difference between Daffodils and Narcissus?  The answer:

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 8.37.01 AMhttp://www.theflowerexpert.com/content/mostpopularflowers/morepopularflowers/daffodil


Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 8.41.47 AM



So who was Narcissus in Greek mythology??

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 8.39.04 AM

name. http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/403458/Narcissus


That’s why daffodils (narcissus) are found growing in damp areas.


Now for the Poetry competition:

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 8.46.49 AM

Read more here: http://www.poetrylondon.co.uk/competition#

The deadline is 1 May 2015.


Today’s Assignment:

Write a poem about spring.