Writing Historic Nonfiction: Imagine a Time-Capsule . . .

Imagine a time-capsule which contains genuine artifacts from the past.


It is unearthed, examined, and . . .


reburied (with new items added)–


to be unearthed again in 200 years.


This is a true story!

“Last month, workers repairing a leak at the Massachusetts State House in Boston uncovered a time capsule originally placed in the building’s cornerstone in 1795. It took conservators from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts nearly seven hours to remove the box from its encasing; it was later transported to the museum to be X-rayed and thoroughly examined. Yesterday, in a press conference at the museum, officials from the museum and the Massachusetts Archives opened the time capsule and revealed its contents—some 220 years after it was originally planted” (Pruitt).


Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 8.49.40 AM


The news can be an excellent source of inspiration for creative writing.

Now, go write!