Poetry Friday: Winter Clothes

Winter Clothes

Under my hood I have a hat
And under that
My hair is flat.
Under my coat
My sweater’s blue,
My sweater’s red.
I’m wearing two.
My muffler muffles to my chin
And round my neck
And then tucks in.
My gloves were knitted
By my aunts.
I’ve mittens too
And pants
And pants
And boots
And shoes
With socks inside.
The boots are rubber, red and wide.
And when I walk
I must not fall
Because I can’t get up at all.

By Karla Kuskin

Scholastic has a great resource for a poetry writing assignment here:


Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 8.58.41 AM

This focus on description is important for writers of all ages–and it doesn’t have to be poetry.

An assignment suggestion:

1. Put a variety of items on a desk.

2. Have each writer secretly select one of those items (without removing it from the desk) and fully describe it WITHOUT revealing what that item is.

3. When they have completed this written description, have the writers read their work aloud or post their written descriptions on a bulletin board.

4. The others in the group will guess which item on the desk is being described.

For example if you are writing at home–your description might include eating a warm chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven as “messy, gooey, sweet, warm, and soft.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 9.10.55 AM


Now, go write a great description!