Beatrix Potter: A lesson plan for all grades —

Beatrix Potter shows writers of all ages the value of an active imagination and perseverance. Her stories can be used in lesson plans for a wide variety of age levels. Young children can be familiarized with Potter’s charming art and learn from the morality tales. Older students can use Potter’s stories as a springboard of inspiration for their own writing.

You might want to start here:

The Wausau Dance Theatre shows how this can easily become a cross-curricular project. This is one of my favorite things: a topic which does double or triple duty, and can be embraced by several subject leaders.

This delightful site tells about Beatrix Potter’s characters and her life:

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This site has lesson plans and worksheets. Yes, they can be used for a variety of levels.

Also, check out the printables at:

Victorian History can be incorporated into this unit.

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Authors can write their own tales of naughty animals — utilizing their own style, making the stories as whimsical or as dark as they wish.

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And don’t forget to include the inspiring movie:  Miss Potter starring Renee Zellweger. It shows the power of perseverance and the changing roles of women through history.

Watch the official trailer here:

Now, go write your own naughty animal tales.

Contemporary examples might include:

Spirit Animals Series found here:

And don’t forget, most of all, have fun while writing!