Cross curricular assignments do double duty.

Historical events can be used as starting points for Creative Writing.

After genuine historical facts are studied — writers can ask “what if?”

and then create alternative histories and side stories. An excellent example of this is

the YA novel: The Name of the Star in which author Maureen Johnson creates a

fascinating, yet fictitious, paranormal story about London’s historic Jack-the-Ripper.

(By the way, our best wishes to Maureen who is convalescing at the moment,

I understand).

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Steampunk fiction authors often rewrite history inserting anachronistic devices.

An excellent Steampunk TV series is Murdoch Mysteries. A bit of history is often woven

into the plot.

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A great resource for Creative Writing Teachers is “This Day in History”

which is found here:

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Your assignment for today: write some fiction which includes a bit of real history.